Club Rules

Below are some overviews of some commonly asked rules that have been established for TSS to keep the club running smoothly.

Trips and Scheduling

Maximum Trip Length
10 days
Note: Longer trips possible with board approval

Daily Minimum for Overnight Trips
1/hr minimum per 24 hours.

Maximum of 6 reservations up to 9 months in advance
Please book only the hours that you will be using the plane

Weekends and Summer Hours
Up to 480 hours (20 days) of reservations in the future
Before March 1, restrictions on booking June-August to 240 hours, 2 weekend days

Please cancel at least 24 hours before your proposed flight.
If a weekend flight, please email club and let them know you are cancelling.
Frequent cancellations not due to weather or health may result in board action

Not Able to Return to KGAI
If unable to return at scheduled time because of mechanical or weather issues, notify plane captain as soon as possible
Member also responsible for notifying other members whose time will be interfered with

Field Types
Public or Private Strips = Okay
Grass/Turf = Okay
Gravel = not acceptable if avoidable
Other – board approval required

Out of Country Trips
Board approval required
Member must purchase customs decal if not one already on plane
Canada, Bahamas, Mexico are covered by Insurance. Check with board for other countries

Checkouts and Instruction

Because of insurance reasons, members must be PIC of the aircraft
Student pilots must use club member instructors
Advanced ratings may be obtained with any instructor

Initial Checkout
Each new member must go through a club checkout for each plane he/she wants to fly solo

Yearly Checkout
Must be done in the 12 months following last Club check ride or FAA check ride
Member may not use the same club instructor for two consecutive checkrides

Fuel, Oil, and Maintenance

Tach Recording
Tach times, fuel receipts and fuel levels should be submitted at prior to leaving KGAI. Upload multiple files for multiple receipts.

Each plane must be fueled when returning to KGAI
Top off 172 and RV. Fill 182s to bottom of tab (64 usable gal)
Please use self-serve when possible to minimize costs

Please wipe down leading edges of aircraft after each use to remove bugs. Only use aerospace wipes on windshield to prevent scratching. Please remove all your belongings and trash.

Oil is located in each hangar and ramp storage locker.
Do not fly with oil below acceptable levels. Add a full quart before you fly and note in plane logbook.
Only use full quarts of oil and discard can. Do not store partial quarts in plane or storage lockers.

Preheating under 32 degrees is required to preserve engine life.
Hangared aircraft have preheaters installed
TSS will reimburse for preheating expenses for tie-downs and on trips

Report all squawks to airplane captain and note on
Call plane captain before off-site maintenance is required

Airport Fees
TSS does not reimburse for landing fees, ramp fees, handling charges, parking fees, etc.

Payment and Dues

Dues Payment
Dues and Flying time payments will be sent out the first week of the month for the previous month. These bills must be paid by 15th or a $25 late fee will be charged. We use intuit online banking in order to save money on fees.


Membership Cancellation
To cancel your membership, please email After board approval in writing, membership will terminate at the end of the month. After final charges are settled, you will be given your full refund of your membership deposit within 30 days.  All flying and membership balances must be resolved before cancellation is final. The board reserves the right to limit number of cancellations in a month if necessary to maintain financial viability.