Flying in the SFRA

Chart of DC SFRA

KGAI is located within the SFRA and special procedures must be followed in order to fly in or out of Montgomery County Airpark.

SFRA Online Course This free online course must be completed by all pilots operating within a 60nm radius from DCA. Click here for course information


VFR Outbound

  1. Call  1-800-WX-Brief or file online
  2. Request a DC SFRA Flight plan
  3. File from KGAI to gate of choice
  4. Departure time must be at least 5 minutes from current time
  5. Get squawk code from Potomac Clearance at 121.6 while taxiing or run-up at KGAI.
  6. Call assigned frequency as soon as practical once airborne to confirm
  7. Remain on that frequency while in SFRA

VFR Inbound

  1. Call  1-800-WX-Brief or file online
  2. Request a DC SFRA Flight plan
  3. Departure point is the name of the gate. Destination is KGAI
  4. Call entry frequency when approximately 10-20 miles outside SFRA to report inbound KGAI
  5. Squawk number they give you DO NOT ENTER SFRA until they tell you to “Transponder Observed. Proceed on Course”

Note: You have 30 minutes prior filed time and 2 hours after your filed time to get access into the gate. Times may be modified by calling on phone or en-route (calling 122.2) as long as it isn’t expired.

IFR Flightplan
Info to come

Pattern Work at KGAI

  1. File
  2. Phone
  3. Online
  4. Call 121.6 to get Squawk code
  5. Remain on KGAI CTAF during pattern work
  6. When finished call 1-866-429-5882