Fleet Composition
TSS currently maintains a fleet of five IFR certified Cessna aircraft including a 180hp skyhawk with a dream panel, an updated legacy 172N with a great payload, a modern Skylane, and two Skylane RGs (normal + turbo). We also own a Vans RV12, a two-seater light sport aircraft (certified) with a glass panel.  Fleet composition is periodically evaluated to ensure we are best meeting member needs.

Fleet Size
We have found that keeping one plane per 10-15 members has been the most successful in keeping the balance between high utilization and great availability. If membership continues to exceed our constitutional threshold we will cap membership or acquire additional aircraft.

All six of our aicraft have hangars with some supplies. We have a main hangar with some additional amenities like a fridge, grill, chairs, speaker, and supply reserves where meetings are held in warmer months.

Our fleet is maintained to the highest standards, with plane captains for each aircraft taking care of maintenance issues as they arise.

Fleet rates are based on the actual costs of operating the aircraft (including reserves)

As a TSS member, you will be given the keys to all aircraft you are checked out in. Then, you are free to book online and fly whenever you want. 24/7.

The club owns four pairs of spare headsets which can be used for passengers. Two are located in the lock box on the field and two are located in the hangar for 931SJ.