Many club members are also FAA certified flight instructors (CFIs).  Member instructors must be used for required club checkouts (New Member Orientation, Initial Aircraft Checkouts, Club Annual Checkouts).  For advanced training, either a member instructor or an outside instructor of your choosing may be used.  Note that only member instructors are covered under the club’s insurance policy.

Click here to access current member instructor availability and contact information.

Instructors set own rates, but current average is $50/hr.

In addition to contacting instructors individually, you can email all instructors at once by sending your email to

Bravo Flight Training Partnership
TSS has a partnership with Bravo Flight Training at KGAI, allowing one of their full time instructors to instruct in our planes. Instructors are booked and paid through the school.

You may also rent Bravo Flight Training C172 (KGAI) and Rv12 aircraft (KFDK) at their normal hourly prices with no checkout required (30 day currency required).

At this time, primary students will not be considered for membership.