Who We Are

TSS Flying Club currently has 43 active members spanning a wide spectrum of ages, occupations, interests, backgrounds, and flying experience – student, private, instrument, commercial, ATP (airplane transport pilot), and flight instructors (from one hour of flight time to tens of thousands).

Our members interact at monthly BBQs, events, trips, and digitally through email and social media.

TSS meets monthly to discuss the state of the club, aircraft status, upcoming trips and events, and any other business affecting the club.

TSS members are located across the DC Metropolitan area:


Why I joined TSS Flying Club

Bart E.

Andrew TestimonialAndrew F.

After finishing up flight training out of KVKX and getting my PPL, I was trying to find a solution to have access to a  plane for daytrips and occaisional overnights.   I live in DC and after comparing several partnerships and clubs in the area, I liked the group dynamics and social activities of TSS. I have shared flights with many other members including a 35/hr round trip to the Arctic Circle in July 2012.