Who We Are

TSS Flying Club currently has 75 active members spanning a wide spectrum of ages, occupations, interests, backgrounds, and flying experience – student (limited), private, instrument, commercial, ATP (airplane transport pilot), and flight instructors (from one hour of flight time to tens of thousands). College students and CEOs.

Our members interact at monthly BBQs or Video calls, safety discussions, events, trips, and digitally through email and social media.

TSS meets monthly to discuss the state of the club, aircraft status, upcoming trips and events, safety training and any other business affecting the club.

TSS members are located across the DC Metropolitan area:



Why I joined TSS Flying Club

Bart E
I joined the TSS Flying Club in 1992 when I moved here fresh out of college, on a very limited budget.  I had recently earned my private pilot certificate and was looking for a fun, affordable way to fly, make new friends, and improve my skills.  Over the last 20 years in the club I’ve taken instruction from nearly a dozen different club instructors who have helped me earn my instrument rating, my high-performance and complex sign-offs, my commercial pilot rating, and have helped me stay as sharp and safe as I possibly can.  I’ve also learned tons from my club friends about how to be a great, safe, efficient pilot, as well as the basics of aircraft maintenance.

My favorite things about the club are (1) flying the same planes over and over and really getting to know them as my own; (2) the drastically reduced cost as compared to owning my own plane; (3) the professional maintenance; (4) having access to a diverse and fascinating group of other pilots who are always willing to share their wisdom and often share flying time as we go out in pairs to practice various procedures and visit cool airports within a hundred miles or so; and (5) being introduced to unique opportunities such as flying as a volunteer for Angel Flight and as a civilian evaluation pilot for NASA, as I do now.


Andrew F

After finishing up flight training out of KVKX and getting my PPL, I was trying to find a solution to have access to a  plane for daytrips and occasional overnights.   I live in DC and after comparing several partnerships and clubs in the area, I liked the group dynamics and social activities of TSS. I have shared flights with many other members including a 35/hr round trip to the Arctic Circle in July 2012. I now have about 400 hours through the club, many memorable trips, and tons of friends in the aviation community.