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Below are links to POH, Checklists, and Manuals for our fleet aircraft. We suggest that you open these up and save in-flight devices so you can access when needed. Once PDF is open – tap the send/add button and click “Foreflight” logo (or look for more). For files in Google Drive – click the download icon on top of the Google Drive first to open directly as PDF prior to adding.

For ForeFlight Checklists and W&B, Click on Link -> Download > Open in ForeFlight from your IOS device

TSS Fleet – Weight and Balance Spreadsheet
Note: Not to be used for legal weight and balance calculations


N702MD 2014 Vans RV12

N992WW 1999 Cessna 172R

N5993E 1978 Cessna C172N

N931SJ 2000 Cessna C182S

N405JH 1981 Cessna C182 RG

N738PK 1979 Cessna 182RG Turbo


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