Searching for a Cessna 172 180hp

TSS is currently searching for another aircraft to add to our awesome fleet and growing membership. At the moment, we think that another Cessna 172 180hp for sale would be the best fit. Were still struggling to find a perfect fit out in the market, so if you happen to know of someone thinking of getting out of the plane, or even considering a leaseback, we would love to chat.

Our wish list includes:
Cessna 172 / 180hp engine or STC
1974-1999 vintages
Upgraded Avionics preferred: Garmin 650/750, Partial Glass aspen 500/1000, autopilot, Engine Monitor. Obviously we can install some of these items.
ADSB Out Upgrades
Good condition interior and paint, possibly updated
No damage history / or older history

If anyone knows of anyone who has our dream plane that might be interested in talking about a sale or even a potential leaseback, please let us know! Email us at

Thanks and Happy Flying.


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